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Re: What's the best replacement editor for ae?

> > change xemacs to my liking but have given up. The situation currently is
> > not satisfying, there seems to be no editor which is (IMHO) good on
> > Linux. I thought at least on PPC there were a better solution.
> such a statement can only result in a dual pronged witchhunt and make
> you deserving of nothing less then severe flogging for insulting both
> the Church of Emacs AND the Cult of vi.

I knew I will suffer anything from flogging to worse through the rest of
my probably very short life, but you also know one can never stop any
fanatics, especially the ones who believe in their own ONENESS.

In hope there will be a better Linux world after the singular prevalence
of MY point of view will outlive my martyrism.

O. Wyss

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