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XF4 install problem on titanium powerbook

Hi all,
	I am quite new to debian (ex 4-year LinuxPPC user) and am
desperatly trying to figure out
how to use apt-get etc.

I have been able to get debian (potato, installed from burned CD images)
mostly running on my tibook, but
it seems I need XFree86 4.0 to make it run full screen.

If I try doing apt-get install xserver-xfree86 I get errors about
dependancys that are unmet (i have the "branden woody" line in my sources
file).  It wants to see debconf, xserver-common and libc6)  If I try to
install them by hand I get other dependancy errors.

I attempted to install the binary from an xfree86 mirror FTP (using the
Xinstall.sh script) and it seems to have "installed" but when I run
'startx' i get a fatal error "no screens found" and just above that "(EE)
No drivers found" 

I used the XF86Config files that were posted in this list, but they dont
change anything.

I guess my problem stems from the fact that I dont understand how to use

Any help would be appreciated!



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