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Re: iBook2 and Sound

On Monday 25 June 2001 05:10, you wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 02:35:39PM -0400, John Hughes wrote:
> > Anyone know if someone has gotten this working yet? Its quite funny, I've
> > gotten the dvd player to work(of all things), yet I have no sound.
> Sound isn't supported.  What dvd player worked for you?  XF4.1.0+ogle
> locks hard in the 1st transition.

Of course sound isn't supported...its broken, thats why its not supported. 
But thats not forever. People out there are working on it....I was asking if 
anyone knew what its status was. Or even possibly start communicating with 
those people(whoever they are) and help out if I can.

I am using oms/omi from livid. Its free. Its also not perfect as there is 
some blue tinting and kinda a funny verticle "lining" on screen. That being 
said, I didn't expect it to run at all, so I figure I am quite ahead of the 

xine compiled(and runs). but the libcss pluggin kept telling me xine didn't 
support ppc(obviously some miscomunication there =)). Unfortunately without 
the libCSS plugin xine hangs my ibook hard. Maybe with it too, but since I 
can't compile it....

Tried ogle....but just after it stats drawing the gui to the screen it freaks 
out....then again, its just a supper alpha release, so my expectations 
weren't all that high. Potential though.


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