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Re: tomcat / apache-mod

Quoting Damien GUIHAL (dguihal@free.fr):
> I'd like to know if anyone has build the ppc version of the libapache-mod-jk, 
> which is tomcat plugger into apache, for servlet developpement. It appears that 
> it exists only for ix86, is it too difficult to buils on other platforms ?

I can tell you by experience that it is also 'too difficult' on the i386
platform in Debian ;-(

After some period of frustration with the Debian packages you mention
I switched to a 'handmade solution' with tomcat for the servlet development 
servers in my company. That was in April this year. 
It is a lot easier to implement and configure it by yourself. 

For your support the Tomcat FAQ's, lists and documents are full of
enlightments and solutuions for any problem you will have to deal with. 

In all, mangling apache-jserv + cocoon mid last year was the more difficult
task for me. 


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