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Re: XFree86 4.1.0: call for help

>That's the problem, it doesn't work on AGP. outb works but inb segfaults.
>The syscall should only return an iobase for known working busses IMHO.
At the
>very least, it shouldn't return any for busses known not to work.

That's the case. I mean it should know all busses and does support all 3
uninorth busses. Is it called properly for the AGP bus (bus 0) by XFree ? 

My understanding was that XFree could only handle 1 IO base and so was
calling it only for the external PCI bus so that it can work with PCI-based

The fact that outb seem to work and inb gives an error is normal, write
transactions rarely give an error as they are "posted" (buffered & delayed)
by the host bridge. That doesn't mean that your outb actually ended up to
the card.


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