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Re: X screen wraps around

Duncan Sands wrote:

> Note 1: X fails to start.  Find the following in the log:
> Depth 24 pixmap format is 32 bpp
> Fatal server error
> AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0

This is little information, but I guess it's the framebuffer device failing to
initialize the requested mode. Is it supposed to handle 24 or 32 bpp? I can't
tell from this which one you were trying.

> Note 1: X fails to start.  Find the following in the log:
> FBDev(0): Depth 32. (--) framebuffer bpp 32
> FBDev(0): Weight given (000) is inconsistent with the depth (32)

There is no depth 32 anymore (or yet, depending on your point of view ;). 32
bpp is depth 24, fbbpp 32. That's probably the default if you don't explicitly
ask for 24 bpp.

> I don't recall getting failures for depths 24 and 32 before, but
> it was a long time since I last tried them, and I've changed X
> versions since then.

3.3.x used to be very inconsistent about depth/bpp.

> By the way, since depth 15 with no kernel parameter seems to work
> fine, my problem is solved (though the bug is not fixed)!

As I don't have access to affected hardware, someone who has would have to
look at fbdevhw.c and fbdev.c, in particular at calculateFbmem_len() and
fbdevHWLinearOffset() and how they are used. I suspect the framebuffer offset
is used twice or incorrectly calculated.

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