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Xfree86-4.0.3 - iMac revA

I've just installed woody on an old Imac (one of the first one)

just to ask about something strange

whith the following Device section in XF86Config-4
Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Card0"
        Driver      "ati"
        BusID       "PCI:0:18:0"

X starts correctly, BUT (yes there's a but) all the text is displayed in
a `kind of mirror' mode, ie all letter are reversed.
eg: I try to represent it
       __               __
|\  | |__|       |  /| |__|
| \ | | \     -> | / |  / |
|  \| |  \       |/  | /  |

while using the following Device section everything is OK
Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Card0"
        Driver      "fbdev"
        Option      "UseFBDev"

	what I did wrong ??


NB here a some more details about the machine
running 2.4.5-pre3 Benh kernel

lpsci gives me
00:12.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc 3D Rage Pro
215GP (rev 5c)

part of dmesg
atyfb: 3D RAGE PRO (PQFP, PCI) [0x4750 rev 0x7c] 6M SGRAM, 14.31818 MHz
XTAL, 230 MHz PLL, 100 Mhz MCLK
atyfb: monitor sense=73f, mode 6
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 128x48
fb0: ATY Mach64 frame buffer device on PCI

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