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Re: BootX & Booting without keyboard/monitor

userX wrote:

> Power Macintosh: Setting up for Use Without a Monitor
> [...]
> This is the official Apple "blessed" method.
> Go to http://til.info.apple.com
> request document #  21236
> Power Macintosh: Setting up for Use Without a Monitor
> A DebianOnly machine should be able to discard this appendix
> and boot without need of a mac-specific hardware kludge.
> I hadn't said anything before because everyone is doing so well
> with the "cleanroom implementation" approach. But for those who
> have MacOS installed, and those about to be discouraged,
> it is the only "Apple" way to go "headless."
> (think headless Appleshare IP servers)

The article you refered to says:

    3. Most Power Macintosh computers not listed in the table 
    above can be used without a monitor connected to them, and 
    without a monitor adapter connected to the monitor port.
and the table lists only G3 and G4. So I guess older macs may
work without the hardware kludge. My PM9600 with BootX boots 
up fine without the adaptor for instance.

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