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Re: Who provides misc/fonts.alias?

OK, solved.

On   9 May, this message from To: Debian-powerpc echoed through cyberspace:
> Today my X server stoped working, and complained about not finding the
> 'fixed' font. I got it started finally by pointing it at some other Unix
> box' font server, whihc has 'fixed' as an alias in
> fonts/misc/fonts.alias.
> And indeed, I don't have a fonts.alias in my fonts/misc directory. I'm
> now searching for the package that provides this file, so that I can
> reinstall it. Doesn't explain why it seems to have disappeared, but I
> hope that will fix the problem ;-)

Should have looked harder... it's xfonts-base. And the file is not
contained in the package, but rather created with the script
update-fonts-alias, which is run as postinst.

> (yeah, I know this rather belongs on debian-user, but I'm not subscribed
> there... sorry about that :-)

And sorry for the wasted bandwidth :-)


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