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Re: Audio CDs on Titanium G4 Powerbook

David N. Welton <davidw@apache.org> writes:
> Rob Pfile <Rob.Pfile@riverstonenet.com> writes:

>> [use ide-scsi to use your cdrom for audio ripping]

> Does anyone have a moment to explay exactly why this makes it work?

I think the reason is that there is no IDE cdrom driver. there are,
however, lots of scsi drivers in the linux kernel, probably inherited
from other *nixes (BSD?). SCSI has been around for a long time and is
very popular, so that probably explains the wealth of drivers.

> ['eject' doesnt work]

i did strace() it but that was before i understood what was going on,
so i'll have to try it again.

On the endianness front and bug-wise, it must be that there's no
uniform way for drivers to report what endianness they return the
audio data in. i cant think of any other reason why cdda2wav would
attempt to analyze the data. i dont know if cdda2wav or audiocd reader
are under active development, but i'll contact the authors.


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