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Re: LocalTalk support?

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On 2001-05-08 9:15, Michael Schmitz at
schmitz@mail.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de wrote:

>> i think the `nobody has bothered' is probably the explanation.
> Nope, it's actuakky pretty difficult to implement and probably
> not worth the hassle (at least not for anyone who'll never use
> that feature, sorry this is how free software works).

No, I know. I'm half inclined to tackle this myself, but I'm
currently too interested in spending time at my day job and with my
family. :-)

> Localtalk over
> serial requires synchronous mode operation of the SCC and the
> protocol timing constraints are pretty tight. You don't want to do
> that sort of stuff in non-realtime context. In a multitasking OS
> you don't want to do it busy-waiting in the interrupt handler
> either. But you may see things different, please go ahead and prove
> me wrong.

I used to write device drivers for DOS and Windows (years ago!), so I
understand what you're saying. Ugh.

> PC localtalk cards have a coprocessor to offload the protocol
> handling to IIRC.

Ah. I had an inkling this might be the case.

More and more, I'm thinking I just need to go ahead and buy that
Postscript-capable laser printer I've had my eye on....

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