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Re: Success! (was Re: External Monitor under Pismo)

> >Please do - I tried Ben's mirror utility on the Lombard but no success.
> >And I still have no aty docs to look up the details in.
> Well, if you do that, it may be interesting to impement the same
> ioctls I have in my aty128fb version (I'll send it to you later
> if you don't want to rsync down my entire tree).

Please do; I'll have to re-sync eventually but I wouldn't mind a preview.

> I beleive you can do something very similar by just toggling the
> CRT & LCD enable bits on the first CRT. No need for CRTC 2 for
> simple mirroring. "Smart" mirroring (with higher refresh rate) would
> require use of CRTC2 however.

I tried to tweak the CRT and LCD regs on the first CRT before, based on
what I could guess from the mirror source and the kernel headers. Needless
to say - no success.


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