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Re: new potato boot-floppies

On Sun, Apr 15, 2001 at 12:24:25PM -0700, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> Perhaps you all should have read my post more fully.  It is NOT an
> old kernel, it is 2.2.18pre21 and I tested an install.  It works

no where in your message did you say this, all you said is it worked
for 2.2r2, and to ignore all the `module symbol mismatches'  which is
exactly how the old 2.2.17 boot floppy worked, it also `worked' for
r2, in a kludged sort of way.  

> fine for 2.2.r2 Debian as I said.  It SHOULD be used unless you are
> posting yours for 2.2r2.

Dan is making boot floppies for r3, r2 is obsolete.  

> You should have read the whole post.  It clearly says otherwise.

i have to disagree your post was very unclear, nowhere did you say the
kernel version only vague descriptions that sounded exactly like the
previous `fix' of using the older boot floppies to bootstrap r2.  

next time you need to communicate more on the list about what your
working on to avoid duplication of effort.  it sounds like you and dan
were spending time fixing two seperate kernels on two seperate
versions of boot floppies.  2.2.18pre21 is not going to be used for
2.2r3, and the r2 boot floppies are not going to be fixed for r2, they
are instead replaced by r3 boot floppies using a 2.2.19 kernel.  r2 is

Ethan Benson

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