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Exhaustive memory test for Macs?

I'm buying a new DIMM for my Mac 8500, and would like to give it a
thorough test when it arrives in a couple days.  It wouldn't be a bad
idea to test the memory I've got before I install the new DIMM, as it is
old and has been in heavy use for years.

I used memtest86 on a 128 MB PC133 memory module in my PC and it fails
the test, although it passes the BIOS startup memory test.  I'd like
something like that for PowerPC Macs.

Memtest86 is in the format of an x86 Linux kernel, you can boot of it
with lilo or GNU GRUB or make a boot floppy out of it.  The best test
for a Mac would do something like that.  Alternatively, maybe Apple has
a memory test tool that one can get?

Do you know of such a beast?

If you have an intel architecture PC, try memtest86 at:



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