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Yaboot and Apache (the neverending story)

Thank you to Ethan for helping me with Yaboot, now the system boot
fine, there was a trouble with the older version of Yaboot I've
installed on my G3, but now I've other troubles, while booting the
httpd daemon crash, it worked fine when booted from older Yaboot which
loaded the kernel image from HFS partition, a very strange thing is
that I cannot install Jserv, it say me that mod_jserv can crash if
compiled with -EAPI and ricompile it with -DEAPI, in past I tried to
remove (rpm -e Apache...) but then I'd many trouble with starting all
service (something like "cannot find service at runlevel 2" and I've
reinstalled all Linux) so I'm afraid with reinstallig Apache.
There are Apache tar.gz for ppc like for Intel ?

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