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Re: PB2400 pmud/kernel problem: lost interrupt

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Philipp Kaeser wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm afraid the problem with the pmud still exists.
> Okay, I'm running 2.2.17 paulus (self-compiled)
> on a powerbook 2400; dist is debian 2.2, pmud
> is version 0.7-3 (the most recent).
> When the PB2400 is going to snooze while the
> harddisk is currently working, it won't properly
> reactivate the harddisk when wakening up again
> and displays "hda: lost interrupt". No more
> input is possible, not even a controlled shutdown.

There's a semi useable workaround for this (which by the way has been an
ongoing problem since the middle of last year).  If you go into
/etc/power/powerctl and comment out all the hdparm lines in the 3400
section, then instead of getting the "lost interrupt" the worst that
happens is that about 1 time in 4 when you wake the machine it will hang
for about 10 minutes before returning control.  I was able to limp along
that way on my PB3400 until its recent retirement (last night ;)


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