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RE: Win2k and SAMBA problem

This is almost certainly a very simple thing.

Have you turned on encrypted passwords?

In order to used Win98 or higher, you must have encrypted passwords on,
additionally, you will find that the login name needs to be the same as the
samba user name.  There is a program with samba which will build the
password file for you, the name escapes me right now.

I would also suggest picking up the Users guide for Samba, it is available
as a .pdf.  if you can't find it, I can send it to you.  this is the
complete O'rielly book, it is about 450 page long, so if you don't want to
burn that many printer pages, get thee to a bookstore!

It discusses encrypted passwords in the first or second chapter.

I can give more info if you get stuck, I just wanted to get this note out
there to let you know there is hope :)

Morgan Reed.

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> Subject: Win2k and SAMBA problem
> Hi,
> I have Linux with Samba 2.07 + sevaral Mac and PC workstations. After
> upgrading from Win98 to Win2k on 3 pcs they stopped to work 
> with Samba.
> In fact, Samba server is not visible anymore neither in 'My Network
> Places -> Computers near me" neither in "Entire Network -> My 
> Workgroup".
> Other Win98 do not have any problem with Samba.
> No Win network settings have been changed, and I do not have NT Domain
> server whatsoever.
> I have changed many Samba options, but nothing helped.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Andrei
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