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Re: S900 booting via quik

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> On the other hand, what kind of machine is this? Processor-upgraded?
> What was the original, what is the new CPU?

I have no idea what the original processor was - I got it with a NewerTech
G3 card in it.  I didn't get the original processor card.  Various Mac
sites say it had a 604/604e @ some clock speed at the factory.

> I had a similar problem with my internal (MESH) SCSI bus and a spacific
> IBM harddisk, after upgrading from a 604/132 to a G3/300.

Hrm... This is an IBM disk on the mesh controller with a G3 card...

> 'Slowing' down the processor helped, and here is what I entered into
> OF. If you want to give it a try, this should be harmless on OF
> versions other than 1.0.5:
> 	code ictc!
> 	        7e9bfba6 l, 829f0000 l, 3bff0004 l, 4e800020 l,
> 	end-code
> 	pvr@ 80000 >=
> 	if
> 		hid0@ 208 or	<- Thes lines are probably
> 		FFFFFF7F and	<- not necessary.
> 		hid0!		<- Try leaving them out.
> 		11 ictc!
> 	then
> This slows the G3 processor down through setting the ICTC regsiter
> (Instruction Cache Throttling Control).

Thanks for those incantations.  Unfortunately, it didn't work :(  I'm
still getting the "DEFAULT CATCH!" error.

Still, I'll keep this particular spell around.

I'll have to see if I can scare up a 604 card locally.

Thanks anyway.

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