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Re: re adbmouse

I haven't been following this thread, but I also had problems with my
adb mouse when I upgraded to Potato 2.2r2.

My suggestion is to run the /dev/MAKEDEV script. Unlike LinuxPPC, there
is no separate package to setup the devices in /dev. Instead, there is
the shell script called MAKEDEV. 

I don't remember which option you should send to MAKEDEV. However, you
can try (as root):

# ./MAKEDEV generic-powerpc

On Sat, Mar 03, 2001 at 11:40:17AM +0000, N Cohen wrote:
> Ethan many thanks for your reply to my adbmouse. I am a complete 
> newbie to linux and to Debian in particular. I have successfully 
> installed PPC2000 and Suse on my other machines both Macs. I wanted 
> to use Debian because I want to understand the processes of Linux. 
> Simply changing the  symlink as you suggested does not work. I also 
> changed my protocols of PS/2, to BusMouse, and also tried IMPS/2 ( I 
> also changed my mouse from an Apple adbmouse to a Microspeed 
> trackball but made no difference. I do appreciate your help in this 
> problem
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Taro Fukunaga

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