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Re: X-problems on a Power PC 8500

Dieter Faulbaum wrote:
Michel Dänzer writes:
 > Dieter Faulbaum wrote:
 > > Can anyone tell me where I can change `the 10 minutes' to
 > > `nonterminating'?
 > [...]
 > > Fatal server error:
 > > fbdevUpdateColormap: FBIOPUTCMAP failed (Function not implemented)
> Is this the screensaver bug? If yes, 'xset s off' should be a workaround.

Thanks, this workaround helps (a lot)!

But I think it's really only a workaround because when I switch from
the X-session vt to another vt the (e.g. gnome-) session crashes und
the gdm will be started again.

You could try setting your system to StaticColor
(I think it is one of the screen mode options somewhere).
It is not the ideal situation (some programs will crash),
but at least it stops X from trying to update the colour map.


Kin Hoong
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