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Re: Troubles upgrading from 200 MHz P2 to 400 MHz G3...

Michel, thanks for you kind assistance.

    The problem is with the Linux kernel PCI code. It only scans the first
    PCI host bridge, but your box has two of those (two 'bandit' bridges).
    If you need Linux to access devices on the second bus, have a look at
    the PCI patches here:


Indeed, that does make v2.2.18 recognize the other slots, and i haven't 
had chance to check out the v2.4.* kernels to see if they handle my SCSI
card better (more on that later).  This is a big help and means i can
put the cover back on the machine...  *chuckle*

    Regarding the S3 card, I supose this is a PC-type card? Then you might
    want to ask on the linuxppc-dev list or search the archives thereof (see
    lists.linuxppc.org) for somebody who has this type of card working via
    an i386 emulator to actually run and execute the BIOS that's present on
    the card. I don't remember who that was, off the top of my head...

I believe so.  Does that mean the card contains i386 code which must be
executed to make the card at all functional?  Or at least is needed to
have the card function in VGA compatability mode.

I noted that there's a CONFIG_FB_S3TRIO flag.  Are there two kinds of 
these cards, one for Intel and the other for PPC?  I looked at their WWW
site (i think i got the right one) and all they show is Intel-related
products.  Is there a Mac version they don't advertize?  Or is there some
magic needed to have LINUX recognize one of these things?

                             -- Tovar

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