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Needed: dhcpd

When I used RedHat I used to just install dhcpd, but on this site (http://download.sourceforge.net/pub/mirrors/debian/pool/main/d/dhcp/) there is shitloads? I assume I?m not to install dhcp-client stuff? and not the pl(=perl stuff) but do I need relay or what?

     dhcp-client_2.0pl5-3..> 22-Jan-2001 16:42   209k  
     dhcp-client_2.0pl5-3..> 02-Feb-2001 16:15   189k  
     dhcp-client_2.0pl5-3..> 19-Jan-2001 05:32   184k  
     dhcp-client_2.0pl5-3..> 09-Feb-2001 15:45   181k  
     dhcp-client_2.0pl5-3..> 27-Jan-2001 12:28   195k  
     dhcp-client_2.0pl5-3..> 20-Jan-2001 18:16   185k  
     dhcp-client_2.0pl5-3..> 20-Jan-2001 12:00   193k  
     dhcp-client_3.0b2pl1..> 02-Dec-2000 19:52   394k  
     dhcp-client_3.0b2pl1..> 19-Jan-2001 06:20   347k  
     dhcp-relay_2.0pl5-3_..> 22-Jan-2001 16:42   154k  
     dhcp-relay_2.0pl5-3_..> 02-Feb-2001 16:15   142k  
     dhcp-relay_2.0pl5-3_..> 19-Jan-2001 05:32   138k  
     dhcp-relay_2.0pl5-3_..> 09-Feb-2001 15:45   136k  
     dhcp-relay_2.0pl5-3_..> 27-Jan-2001 12:28   145k  
     dhcp-relay_2.0pl5-3_..> 20-Jan-2001 18:16   138k  
     dhcp-relay_2.0pl5-3_..> 20-Jan-2001 12:00   145k  
     dhcp-relay_3.0b2pl11..> 02-Dec-2000 19:52   272k  
     dhcp-relay_3.0b2pl13..> 19-Jan-2001 06:22   249k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3.diff.gz   19-Jan-2001 05:33    38k  GZIP compressed docume>
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3.dsc       19-Jan-2001 05:33     1k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3_alpha.deb 22-Jan-2001 16:42   223k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3_arm.deb   02-Feb-2001 16:15   201k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3_i386.deb  19-Jan-2001 05:34   196k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3_m68k.deb  09-Feb-2001 15:45   192k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3_mips.deb  27-Jan-2001 12:28   208k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3_powerp..> 20-Jan-2001 18:16   196k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5-3_sparc.deb 20-Jan-2001 12:00   204k  
     dhcp_2.0pl5.orig.tar.gz 12-Sep-2000 18:52   288k  GZIP compressed docume>
     dhcp_3.0b2pl11-1.dif..> 01-Dec-2000 19:52    13k  GZIP compressed docume>
     dhcp_3.0b2pl11-1.dsc    01-Dec-2000 19:52     1k  
     dhcp_3.0b2pl11-1_alp..> 02-Dec-2000 19:52   539k  
     dhcp_3.0b2pl11.orig...> 01-Dec-2000 19:52   750k  GZIP compressed docume>
     dhcp_3.0b2pl13-2.dif..> 19-Jan-2001 06:22    13k  GZIP compressed docume>
     dhcp_3.0b2pl13-2.dsc    19-Jan-2001 06:22     1k  
     dhcp_3.0b2pl13-2_i38..> 19-Jan-2001 06:24   473k  
     dhcp_3.0b2pl13.orig...> 18-Jan-2001 23:15   767k  GZIP compressed docume>
Yours Sincerely,

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen

For evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men to buy Microsoft.

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