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Re: Troubles upgrading from 200 MHz P2 to 400 MHz G3...

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Michel Lanners wrote:
> Regarding the S3 card, I supose this is a PC-type card? Then you might
> want to ask on the linuxppc-dev list or search the archives thereof (see
> lists.linuxppc.org) for somebody who has this type of card working via
> an i386 emulator to actually run and execute the BIOS that's present on
> the card. I don't remember who that was, off the top of my head...

The BIOS emulator is available from Gabriel Paubert's FTP site and works fine
on my CHRP.

Caveat: since most Macs don't have ISA memory space, it won't work on those
machines :-(



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