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RE: Debian Potato on G4/AGP

Hm.. I have the same problem as you. I can't get the kernel to boot. yaboot
boots fine, but when i run the kernel to install debian the system freezes
homehow. When i downloaded yellowdoglinux and booted from their cd they have
an option called install-novideo. That was a line in yaboot.conf under the
image "novideo". But when i tried to copy yaboot, vmlinux and yaboot.conf
from the debian cd and putted it in my system folder and added the line
"novideo" in yaboot.conf i got this error message when i booted yaboot from
OF with this command:
"cd:\\yaboot"  (yaboot boots)

(And displays this error message)
Config file error: Bad use of \ in quoted string near line 0 in
Syntax error or read error config.

I have no quoted sting, just the init-message="". I just copied the
yaboot.conf from the debian cd. Very strange. Please can anyone help me?

Best regards

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Jonathan Wight wrote:
> On 02/20/2001 23:39, "Jonathan Wight" <JWight@bigfoot.com> wrote:
> > I had Debian Potato (downloaded the ISOs) up and running quite lovely on
> > Powerbook G3/Firewire and have now managed to get a spare G4/AGP to run
> > a dedicated Linux server. Unfortunately I can't get the darned thing to
> > boot up from my Debian CD...
> >
> > I've tried booting from CD with the mouse and without the mouse and
> > nothing seems to change. The only thing notable with this G4 is the
> > ATI Rage-128 video card in it - but I see the boot process is picking
> > video cards up quite fine.
> Damn. Forget that. Removing the 2nd ATI card fixed it. Should have tried
> that before shooting off the email. My apologies.

That's strange though - have you tried a 2.4 kernel with both cards?

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