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[S.R.E.Turner@statslab.cam.ac.uk: Re: Bug#86356: analog: analog segfaults]

Background: analog segfaults when using a custom config file.
The author tried debugging the program on my B50 and replied with this
Is gcc known to be buggy for powerpc? I'm running 2.95.2-17 and the
program has been compiled without optimizations.

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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 14:43:09 +0000 (GMT)
From: Stephen Turner <S.R.E.Turner@statslab.cam.ac.uk>
Reply-To: Stephen Turner <sret1@cam.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: Bug#86356: analog: analog segfaults
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OK, I've discovered what's going on, but I have no idea WHY it's going on.

The problem comes at line 736 of output.c. That line calls printtree, as

printtree(outf, rep, outstyle, multibyte, tree, requests, date, badp, badn,
          0, NULL, aliashead, linkhead, baseurl, totr, totp, totb, width,
          possrightalign, bmult, unit, sepchar, repsepchar, decpt, compsep,
          rawbytes, cols, colhead, colheadp, gender, html, monthname,
          dayname, monthlen, daylen, plainmonthlen, plaindaylen, lngstr);

But by the time we reach printtree, several of the values are wrong.
Everything is fine up to unit. But sepchar got repsepchar's true value (0),
repsepchar got decpt's true value ('.'), etc., until plaindaylen got
lngstr's value (0x100e93c0 = 269390784) and lngstr got a random value.

As I say, I don't really see how this can have happened. Have you
encountered anything like this before?

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