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Re: Evolution Package [Was: Re: nautilus]

On 20 Feb 2001 13:41:26 +1100, Craige McWhirter wrote:
> A bit of scrounging though Google and this appears to be due to one of my
> GNOME/xml packages not being up to scratch. I've not had any luck yet working out
> which one. Any ideas people?

I downloaded evolution over the weekend for my Pentium, and today for
my powerpc. It crashes a lot on the Pentium; on the powerpc, it hasn't
crashed yet, but it keeps saying it can't access the lockfile for
/var/spool/mail/pgf when I try to access it. On the iBook, that is.

Does that help any?

Phil Fraering        
And you can't have my shiny thing!

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