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Re: PowerMac G3 not booting after installation

jeramy b smith wrote:
> "Mohamed Abdulbaset" <mohmdbaset@mac.com> wrote:
> >
> > greetings,
> >
> > i have downloaded the 3 binary  CD images for the potato version and write
> > them my self to CD's i boot from the firest CD and i went through installation steps till end but my
> > system not rebooting from the harddisk.
> > my computer is Power Mac G3,
> >
> > PLS. Assist me.
> Beige or Blue&White? I have some experience with the beige
> booting directly via quik.

I have a Beige g3 that I haven't been able to boot with Quik.

Can you list what you had to do?

Every time OF couldn't "read the disk" I don't remember the exact message.


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