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Re: [Q] Upgrading the kernel to run MOL

On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 01:18:55PM -0500, wcrowshaw@yahoo.com wrote:
> I am trying to get mol running on my debian potato install.  I downloaded
> the mol rpm of version 0.9.53-2, aliened and installed it.  After a few
> other steps I, molstart notified me that it needs kernel 2.0.4-test10. So

you don't need 2.4 kernel for mol.  get the mol source and build it
yourself, see the list archives for a patch i posted which will make
it compile and go into /usr/local/ where it belongs.  setup a 2.2.18
source tree (preferably matching your current 2.2 kernel) and do a
make dep first, that way the MOL kernel modules will match your
current kernel without errors or warnings.  

> I found a pre-compiled version on the net, and set it up as follows:

precompiled kernels suck IMO.  ;-)

> As root, I put the vmlinux produced by untarring and unzipping the tar.gz
> file of linux-ppc in the /boot.  I also placed the System.map file accompanying
> vmlinux in /boot. I also placed the modules that came with it in
>  /lib/modules/2.0.4-test10.  I also put a copy of vmlinux on my MacOS 
> partition in folder /System Folder/kernel images for bootx. I also created
> a symbolic link between /vmlinux and /boot/vmlinux (the new kernel). 
> Now I get the following error message upon rebooting, and I don't know what my
> next step should be:
> --begin excerpt
> Parallelizing fsck version 1.18 (11-Nov-1999)
> fsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sdb5
> (null):

sounds like a really bad 2.4 build, either it doesn't know where your
root partition is or it has the evil known as devfs turned on.  

stick with 2.2, you have to upgrade a couple packages to use 2.4 on
potato anyway.  and if you do wnat to use 2.4 compile it yourself.  

Ethan Benson

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