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Re: kernel: mace: lost a status word

On 22 Shevat 5761, Mike Fedyk wrote:

> I'm getting this on a 7200/90, I haven't checked to see if it's on
> my other 7200/90 and /120s.

On some 7200/90's, there is a chip "missing" from the motherboard.
Apparently the engineers didn't think it was necessary.  Look up
"ethernet" and 7200 in the Tech Info Library and you should see the
necessary information.  I don't know if Apple is still switching those
motherboards out for free, but I have gotten a couple of them replaced
that way a few years back.  It caused problems with large packets,
from what I remember.  Sorry I can't be more helpful, haven't had a
7200/90 in a while.
Charles Sebold
24th of Shevat, 5761
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