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Re: Pushing up daisies...

In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Leandro Dutra wrote:
 > > Could very well be completely wrong, judging from what I read here:
 > > http://bananajr6000.apple.com/1275/proposals/Closed/Withdrawn/
 > > 315-it.txt
 > 	Sorry, you outsmarted me now.  Do you mean somewhere in this text
 > there's somehing I don't understand to the effect you can use Open
 > Firmware to make a machine useless by sidestepping Open Firmware itself?
 > Canny...

Not outsmarted, but it's something I don't fully understand either!
It's all a bit mad.

 > 	I think you will have to stick to leave your motherboard power
 > starved for half an hour...

Doing that now.

Thanks for shooting some advice at me ;)

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