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Re: NEWBIE: bootdisk for powermac (SOLVED+TRICK)

>On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 08:28:44AM +0100, Sebastiaan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think I found something usefull regarding the original boot floppy
>> the powermac. It locks your keyboard, so I did the following:
>> mount the disk
>> vi or edit .resource/System

>you should really use hexeditor, vi is not well suited to binary

>> find 'prompt_ramdisk=1'
>> change 1 into 0
>> write it and boot it

>this effectivly disables loading the ramdisk or root floppy.  this
>won't work for installing debian but will work to give you a bootable
>kernel floppy that can root to the root partition on your disk.

Nope, it disables the prompt for the bootfloppy. Just be sure you
changed the disks before the kernel reaches this point. I have just
succesfully installed Debian this way. When loaded the ramdisk from the
root-floppy you regain control over the keyboard.


Ethan Benson

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