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Re: NEWBIE: bootdisk for powermac

 >: > and will be loaded from OF
 >: >  "boot fd:vmlinux.coff"

that's here in my OF 2.0.1

 >: > 
 >: > 
 >: Cool, worked almost: it was
 >: boot fd:1,vmlinux.coff
nice :)
 >: on an msdos formatted floppy (?)
 >: Is this not strange, I always thought Aplle hated M$?

didn't test a msdos floppy...  
I think it's quite ok for a OF floppy driver not to refuse
an IBM formatted disk; I would *piss* on the h/w manufacturer
who sold me a machine which I cannot boot with a floppy
written by any non Apple computer. 


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