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X 4.0.2 issues...

Wrong, its not that I "can't" seem to get the modifications in the tree,
its because I haven't even submitted them yet.  I'm waiting for feedback
from some users before I do that, and that will only happen before the
next release.  I don't have time to keep updating my tree with CVS all day
to please debian or any other folks, if you have problems with X and need
my tree, then use it but don't expect me to do anymore then this.  The
patches will get in at the appropriate time.


> > Quoting Sven LUTHER <luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr>:
> >
> > > > Dream on. It's not Branden's fault that Ani can't seem to get the
> > > > modifications in his tree integrated into XFree86. Dan even tried to
> > > integrate
> > > > them into the Debian packages a few months ago but gave up as they
> > > broke with
> > > > every new version. It's a pain that nobody can be expected to bear.
> > >
> > > The best bet is to have it integrated into the Xfree86 xf-4_0_2-branch
> > > if
> > > possible, so Branden will have no choice but to accept them when the
> > > 4.0.3
> > > gets released.
> >

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