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truecolor on fbdev?

	I've just been trying to install realplayer, but it won't play and
complains that it needs true/pseudocolor.  fbset -i in the console gives
"Visual: PseudoColor", yet in X says "Visual : Directcolor".  Adding a 'Visual
"TrueColor"' (or "PseudoColor") in XF86Config produces a message in startup
like "(**) FBDev: Default visual is TrueColor" or whatever I set it to, but
this seems to have no effect to the output of fbset.
	I'm running XFree86 3.3.6 with an ATI Mach64 card.
	Searching through the archives I could only find a mention of
something like "...directcolor modes (like ATI Mach64 ...)"; does this imply
that I can't get truecolor with 3.3.6?
	I'm also currently running at 32bpp if that information is required; 
mainly because this was the only one that worked when I was setting stuff up.

	Any information gratefully received, thanks, Mark.

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