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Re: DHCP client in unstable?

Peter Canning wrote:
> As I mentioned in my original message, I've tried pump (0.7.3-2) on my
> PowerMac running debian unstable (kernel version 2.2.17), but was unable to
> get it to work.  The deb appeared to install and configure fine, but after a
> reboot, I can't ping anything except myself (not even the DHCP server).  It
> appears that packets are going out onto the network just fine (my router
> blinks a light indicating packets are coming from the PowerMac, and I assume
> its sending packages back, but ping indicates that it never gets anything.
> From what I can gather from ifconfig and route, pump has configured the
> eth0 interface and routing table exactly the same as my static IP setup did.

It's very strange that it doesn't work then.

> Do I need to do some special configuration of pump?

Maybe - I did, but a friend of mine apparently didn't.

> Can anybody using pump tell me how they have it configured?


retries 3


IFACES="eth0 airport"

PS: You could try building the current pump yourself, or get it here:

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