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Re: X Windows Front-end for dselect and apt

Quoting Andrei Verovski <andrei.verovski@parks.lv>:

> Hi,
> Is there GUI X Windows Front-end for dselect and apt?
> So far I found gnome-apt which is still unfinished. Really want X11 for 
> dselect/apt, which right now use character based interface.

Red Carpet from Ximian should be released pretty soon, and I think will make a 
nice apt/dselect front-end.
Drool over the shots here:

Synaptic from Alfredo Kojima, the creator of Window Maker, also is an 
apt/dselect front end. The only problem is that there are too much packages in 
Debian, and it makes it crash (due to an XWindow limitation). This is getting 

And as far as gnome-apt is concerned, Havoc Pennington working for RH, I doubt 
that he will finish it himself. I know that somebody came to him asking for 
maintainership, but no code's shown up so far...


/Bastien Nocera, waiting for RC

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