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Re: Troubles upgrading from 200 MHz P2 to 400 MHz G3...

On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 06:26:55PM -0700, Tovar wrote:
>    * Can one dual-boot with 'Quik'?  If so, will LINUX then recognize the
>      S3 Trio64V+ which MacOS can't deal with?  Is it then more likely to
>      handle the AHA-2940 (or whatever) properly?

you can have quik run a OpenFirmware callback command to boot the
/AAPL,ROM device which will boot macos.  see the quik.conf man page
for this.

however quik is an OpenFirmware bootloader which means you will not be
able to see its interface until your video hardware is supported
directly by OpenFirmware.  most Oldworlds barly had support for the
built in apple video hardware, and no support for anything else.  you
will need a serial terminal to interface with OpenFirmware/quik.  

>    * Are ADB mice worth messing with, or should i just go USB.  Which ADB
>      mice are real 3 button mice (which the 'Whale Mouse' appears not to
>      be, from i can tell so far from WWW searching)?

i have a 4 button kensington thinking mouse which works just fine
under linux. (the 4th button does nothing, but i have not attempted to
make it do anything either..) unfortunatly this mouse was discontinued
by the manufacturer.  

>    * Which kernels via Debian.org will properly compile for my configuration
>      (or any, for that matter)?  Should i go to a non-Debian kernel, and if
>      so, which one?

2.2.18 from ftp.kernel.org is fully merged and will work fine on a

Ethan Benson

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