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Re: Network analysis software

On   6 Feb, this message from Rory Campbell-Lange echoed through cyberspace:
> Hi - please forgive me for a non powerpc question!
> I'm looking for Linux network analysis software for our little company
> which has a flat LAN with about 100 users running on Ethernet and Bay
> switches. Is there anything I should have a look at?
Keep in mind that under default conditions, you won't see a lot with any
analyzis tool that uses packet sniffing (like ethereal), since you are
on a switched LAN; i.e. only broadcast traffic and traffic destined for
MAC addresses connected to that specific port are seen on a port.

But the Bay switches might have a facility like a Switch Port Analyzer
(don't know; never used Bay), which in effect redirects the traffic from
a specific port to an analyzer port, where you can then connect a
sniffer and listen to traffic on your selected, analyzed port.

If you just want traffic stats per port, a tool like MRTG (Andreas sent
you the link) is able to graph SNMP variables, under condition that your
Bay switch supports SNMP and makes those varaibles available.


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