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Re: new package to enable mouse button emulation

How about meeces-to-pieces?  Now if someone could just
figure out how I can get all three buttons on my three
button adb mouse to "work."


Eric Dorland wrote:
> Hmm, the subject kinda of says it all. I wrote a init script and
> debconf scripts to enable 3 mouse button emulation for the newer kernels
> with input layer support. It took me a while to figure out how to do
> this when i install debian on my G3, and this package would save people
> the trouble i went through.
> It still needs a little cleaning up, and i need someone to sponsor it,
> since I'm still waiting for DAM approval. Also, its currently called
> powerpc-mouse, which i think is a pretty bad name. Maybe apple-mice?
> What does everyone think?
> Eric Dorland
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