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A pb w/ french keyboard on iBook fixed

Hi all,

I had a problem with the french keyboard mapping of my iBook,
not the reported problem during installation, but a pb after doing

I got a "a" when I typed "q" (so I had 2 "a" and no way to quit...)

I fixed this by editing mac-fr3-kmap,
I replaced the "keycode 0=q"
by "keycode 0=+q"

and it worked (don't ask me how, let's say luck of the newbie, I just saw a
"+n" and thought I had nuttin' to loose if I tried the same...)

My config :
iBook DVD graphite 466 MHz/64 Mo/10 Go
Debian 2.2.17

As I found nuttin' about it in the archives, I thought it might interest
some people...


Christophe Dang Ngoc Chan
Socabim (Paris)

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