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Re: Printer conundrum

Paul Talacko wrote:

> I have a PowerMac 6500.  I also have a Texas Instruments printer (it's rubbish,
> and I'll never buy another TI product again, but it has around 12,000 pages of
> printing left in it, so I'll use it until the toner runs out).
> The problem is this.  The printer has two ports on the back.  A parallel port
> for PCs - printing works fine using this - and a Mac serial port - which works
> fine if I print from a Mac using localtalk.

How soon do you need this working, and how much of a hacker are you?  I managed to
get docs for the PowerPrint mac serial to parallel converter, which goes for about
$50, but my serial programming ability is so limited I couldn't get anything to
work at all.

If we can get something to work, this will be a great mac Linux printing option!

Doc at: http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/PP3_rev_1_1.html

-Adam P.

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