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Re: Old gnucash bug

Nelson Abramson wrote:

> Good afternoon-
>     What was the resolution on the GNUcash bug that caused (on
> apparently on PPC machines) GNUcash to automatically truncate all values
> to an integer?  I remember seeing a patch last year, but I am using the
> newest version in the apt tree and getting the same behavior... was it
> ever submited upstream?

This is bug #69866.  It should have been closed ages ago.  All you need to do is
get rid of -fsigned-char in debian/rules.  It has worked flawlessly for me with
this fix (well, almost, see also bug #75231, but that's not PPC-specific :-).

So upstream is fine, but the Debian maintainer was trying to preempt bugs on
unsigned char platforms (PPC and ARM) but broke it in the process.

-Adam P.

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