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Re: X starts, but it displays strange things

Charles Brunet wrote:
> Hi!
> > Charles Brunet wrote:
> >> I was finally able to install XFree-4.0.2 on my indigo iBook. X starts, but
> >> I'm not able to see anything, except the mouse cursor and a gray screen with
> >> horizontals lines, slightly diagonals, as if the pixels sent to the screen
> >> weren't the same depth as the screen itself. When I push the mouse button, I
> >> see turquoise lines on the screen.
> >>
> >> I use the XF86Config file I found on hadess.net (merci Bastien). The r128
> >> driver is loaded. Resolution is 800x600. Everything in the log file seems ok
> >> to me. I tried different screen depths without success.
> >>
> >> Could somebody please helps me?
> When I use fbdev instead of ati, it works. But I have no video
> acceleration...

You have a r128 in your computer, so use the r128 driver, not the ati


/Bastien Nocera

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