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Re: Booting Patch

Adam Sjøgren wrote:
> On Fri, 05 Jan 2001 17:50:07 +0100, nzer  wrote:
> >> Would it be possible to get the booting patch mentioned in this
> >> slashdot article
> >> http://slashdot.org/articles/01/01/04/1336222.shtml
> >> Direct Link :
> >> http://lpp.FreeLords.org/
> >> If it has anything to do with the pc bios probably not but if it
> >> just uses the frambuffer loading mechanism which ppc has always
> >> used to emulate a console screen then it should work.
> > The patch applies cleanly, but it looks like it only works with
> > vesafb, which we don't have.
> It works on my iBook - I think the references to vesafb are just
> because the screenmode must be set to something that can display the
> image (640x480x8) - using the atyfb on my iBook works just fine.

I didn't see the option to use it in the kernel config so I assumed it really
wanted vesafb. Sorry for the confusion.

> I tried making an 800x600-image instead, but didn't succeed (black
> screen, one garbled line of funny chars and machine hangs).
> The original Debian-theme, 640x480, from the website works fine.

This is a problem for Pismos and recent iBooks because aty128fb can't use
anything else than the panel resolution yet.


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