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Re: HFS Boot Partition

On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 05:53:09PM +0200, starlett wrote:
> Is it possible to use HFS Boot Partition with Debian and load kernel from 
> that partition, as LinuxPPC, SuSE and YDL do? Does it reqires only 
> changes in yaboot.conf?


assuming the bootstrap partition is 2.

however you should *NOT* mount this partition on top of /boot that is
a very wrong thing to do.  yaboot is fully capable of loading kernels
from the ext2 root filesystem. 

also note that macos will render this partition unbootable every time
you boot macos.  so you need to set the OF variables to boot the
loader directly, and if OF's configuration is reset you will be unable
to boot GNU/Linux without entering the OpenFirwmare command line and
changing its configuration manually.  you have been warned.  

> I really do not like idea of creating Apple_Bootstrap, which is not 
> directly editable.

rubbish, there is no reason to `edit' the bootstrap partition at all.
it only needs to contain the bootloader and its config file.  there is
no reason to edit this from macos.  you edit /etc/yaboot.conf and
rerun the bootloader installation utility ybin.  

Ethan Benson

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