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Re: installing Xfree (newbie)

On Sat, Dec 23, 2000 at 06:37:34PM +0100, Mark Lamers wrote:
> I'm surging with apt-get for xf86setup without any succes. I thought
> this was needed for setting up Xfree86. Is there another program to set
> this up? Or should I use another server I'm useing the defaults
> (http://debian.us.org). I would a like  a server  in or near  the
> Netherlands.
> Thanks for reading, more thanks for answering

Are you pointed at stable or unstable?  There are different
versions of X.

Also use the search feature of the archives.


Be sure to set it to search the PowerPC list.  A great many
people (myself included) have had problems getting X working
over the last year, and have gotten help from this list.

If you are using stable you'll probably want to look further
back in the archives, since you're using XFree86 3.x ...  I
recall there were some useful discussions about 3.x in the
spring and summer.  

Good luck.


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