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Re: Kernel ... selfmade ones ...

 Use my kernel at this address:


 The docs refer to the previous version, but if you click on the
 links you will get the new one. Install the new input layer as
 explained by Ethan a few messages ago, using mknod.

 XF4 has a Pismo config file in linuxppc.org/usr/xf4, or
somewhere in a link therein.

I am stuck with XF4 on Lombard...


Michael Flaig wrote:

> ... didn´t boot ...
> I build several kernels (2.4.0test11 from paulus and 2.2.18pre21 from paulus) but
> they didn´t run ...
> The stable one crashes at a system adress ...  when the ppp module is loaded ...
> the 2.4.0test11 simply hangs on booting ...
> I don´t know why.
> I´ll send my .config with this mail. Perhaps you can see am option that is not needed.
> or needed and not aktivated ...
> ... My Mashine is a Pismo 400 (the one with Rage Mobility 128 ... Firewire and 10 GB HD)
> thanks,
> Michael
> PS. Has anyone get XFree4 running on this hardware !? please send me your config ... thanks.
> --
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