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Re: powersaving on NW iMac?

On Sun, Dec 03, 2000 at 09:42:57AM +0100, Ralf Stephan wrote:
> Hi,
> would it be possible to turn off a ruby iMac hd/monitor by
> using a kernel module for Powerbooks - which one?

the monitor should already go into powersaving on its own when in the
console (does anynone know how to control that?), for X you need to
either use xset to enable dpms or enable it in /etc/X11/XF86Config, on
my intel box i have:

in the Device section

   Option          "power_saver"

in the main Screen section.

   StandByTime 0
   SuspendTime 45
   OffTime 75

i would assume this works with powerpc as well assuming that is your
using a real X server.  

as for powering down the hard disk, don't do that unless you want to
replace it in 6 months, desktop hard disks really are not designed for
powersaving and i have heard many people had them fail very quickly
after using spin down.  

if you still want to read the hdparm man page.  

i don't know about the sleep features MacOS lets you use on desktop

Ethan Benson

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