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Re: Kernel Image

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, Eric Reischer wrote:

> /usr/src/binutils/target $ ../configure --prefix=/usr/src/cross 
> --target=ppc-unknown-linux-gnu
> Does it matter that when I type in the above command it says "Configuring 
> for a i586-pc-linux-gnu host?"  (And it makes the ppc-unknown-linux-gnu 
> folder in the /usr/src/binutils/target folder (which is where I ran the 
> ../configure from)  My ultimate aim, obviously from the above, is to make a 
> ppc cross-compiler on an intel machine.

In cross-compiler jargon, the "host" is the architecture on which the
tools will run. The "target" is the architecture for which they will
create binaries.

So the message you get is correct -- your host is the Intel machine.

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