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Re: kernel 2.2.18pre17-ben1 issues

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 05:02:17PM +0200, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >I did read it ! I wouldn't have bogged anybody if that was in the
> >docs... I've got drive "SeekError" on my DVD drive, when it's not really
> >ready, but  I know that this is harmless. I was scared of the "lost
> >interrupt" thinking that some stuff still in the DMA cache could be
> >lost.
> No risk of losing datas, however, you may want to check that DMA is still
> ON on the drive after it has been woken up. Linux tends to disable DMA
> whenever it has to reset the drive.

indeed it will, this is why i use the enclosed initscript to set the
save settings bit on the drive at bootup. once i am satisfied the
drive is DMA OK.

#! /bin/sh

DESC="hdparm configuration"

test -f $DAEMON || exit 0

set -e

case "$1" in
        echo -n "Configuring /dev/hda "
            /sbin/hdparm -k 1 /dev/hda > /dev/null
            /sbin/hdparm -S 0 /dev/hda > /dev/null
        echo "Done."
        #       If the "reload" option is implemented, move the "force-reload"
        #       option to the "reload" entry above. If not, "force-reload" is
        #       just the same as "restart".
        echo -n "Configuring /dev/hda "
            /sbin/hdparm -k 1 /dev/hda > /dev/null
            /sbin/hdparm -S 0 /dev/hda > /dev/null
        echo "Done."
        # echo "Usage: $N {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload}" >&2
        echo "Usage: $N {start|stop|restart|force-reload}" >&2
        exit 1

exit 0

the /sbin/hdparm -k 1 /dev/hda > /dev/null keeps drive settings after
a ide reset. the other command i my attempt to keep the drive from
going into powersave mode. (it does not work unfortunatly, i have IBM
deskstar disks in both this G3 desktop and a intel box, they both like
to go into powersave mode every so often for some reason)

put this in /etc/init.d/hdparm chmod 755 and update-rc.d -f hdparm start 31 S .

then your dma settings will be preserved on IDE resets.  

Ethan Benson

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